1st Seal Gasket Foam (13mm to 50mm Width Available)


1st Seal Gasket

Made of highly durable closed cell Nitrile rubber compound for better resistant to most oil base and mild chemical environments. The adhesive of 1st Seal is directly coated on the surface unlike other made by using double side tape or tissue as a adhesive.This will prevent any separation of adhesive and the gasket surface and therefore assured a proper sealing.

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13mm width x 6mm thk x 30 ft


  • Strong adhesive for better holding & durability
  • Conform to UL 94 flammability test by TUV SUB PSB corp. Singapore
  • Various sizes available, simple and easy to install


  • Specially for ducting flanges and accessories
  • Aluminium grills industries
  • Air & sound tight applications
  • Glass installations, i.e. photocopy machine, scanner, windows and others
  • Electrical Switch Board
  • Suitable for electronics devices and appliances
  • General application and beyond
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