About Us

U.B.Zanotti System Pte Ltd (UBZ) was established in 1994 and since have been known as one of the leading importer , exporter and Distributor of quality products in the HVAC , Refrigeration and Aircon Industry.

To-date, UBZ is in a very strong position in our industry solely due to our flexiblilty and our ability to gain our customer trust and satisfaction in our quality product.

At UBZ, we are committed to give our customer the most value for money product such as K-Flex Class 1’ and ‘O’ quality Closed Cell insulation, UBZ Copper Pipe and Coil, 1st Range of tapes and foil products and many others. Our strict quality assurance process ensure that all our quality product is tested in accordance with international standard such as PSB Conformity listing , ASTM standards and JIS Standards.

We have and are also constantly looking out for good suppliers and partners that will work together with us in providing the best solutions for our customer needs.