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The R410a Refrigerant Gas is currently still used in many air-conditioning equipment and devices of the previous generation. UBZ aims to provide air-con contractors and technicians with our own house brand that comes...
With an increased environmental awareness, UBZ is making the switch to a greener and environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant.  Compared to the widely used R410a refrigerant, R32's GWP ratio of 675 is approximately...
This simple and convenient tool is useful in stopping refrigerant gas leaks caused by tiny holes in the rubber and metal components that are not easily visible by the human eye (diameter of holes is up to 0.3mm). To...

UBZ System carries chemical solutions that help with cleaning and improving the efficiency of the internal components of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. These products offer a budget solution to solve cooling issues, as compared to changing or overhauling an entire air-conditioning unit, resulting in cost savings for the end-user.

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