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Created and designed to prevent vehicles from unintended movement when parked or left unattended, carpark wheel stoppers AKA wheel chocks or stops have been widely utilized in many vehicle parking spaces to enhance...
UBZ carries rubber safety cones that is made with highly durable rubber that features high flexibility, and a bright orange colour that attracts the attention of people near it. It also comes with white reflective...
Rubber Speed Humps are a useful cost-effective tool designed to reduce vehicle speeds in areas where traffic safety and control are of significant importance, such as areas with high foot traffic and goods movement,...
Made using high impact resistant natural rubber, these wall bumpers are designed to protect the structural integrity of your building from the impact of trolleys and other warehouse equipment during daily business...

These range of products are designed to protect the structural integrity of your building walls and columns.

UBZ System offers a high-quality rubber Wall Bumper or Corner Guard that improves protection for walls and minimizes the chances of property damage. You can put these guards on the corner of walls, pillars and sharp edges.

Our guards are made using  styrene-butadiene (SBR) rubber which is a highly durable, flexible, and strong material. It ensures the safety of your walls.

These guards are shock-resistant and also useful, which minimizes the damages caused by such as knocks, dents, and scratches to properties. For clear visibility all day, our product comes in black and yellow colour pattern. 

Our Rubber corner or wall guard comes with various features. Below we are mentioning some:

  • Flexible, durable, and strong material
  • Guards are shock-resistant
  • Require low maintenance
  • Ensure the safety of properties and cars from dents, bruises, scrapes, etc
  • These guards are easily mounted to the wall with bolts
  • It comes in a black and yellow colour pattern

If you want to know more about this product, visit our UBZ System website. You will find various options of rubber wall or corner guards available at the best price. 

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