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1st Neutral N-100 is a universal, superior one-component, neutral system silicone sealant that cures to form a high-performance elastic silicone rubber seal. Highly recommended for sensitive surfaces or coatings. It...
1st Acrylic Sealant A-700 Green is an environmentally-friendly general purpose acrylic latex sealant. It is produced under strict quality controls, thus ensuring consistent quality and high performance. Recommended...
Pereseal 702 is a pure acrylic sealant that is used mainly to seal air-conditioning and HVAC ducting systems. It can also be used to seal window frames, and for use in general purpose interior and exterior caulking...
1st ACRYLIC SEALANT A-700 is a pure acrylic latex sealant for general purpose interior and exterior caulking in architectural applications where slight or moderate joint movement is anticipated. It is a sealant of...
1st Silicone AS-628, a one component, high performance industrial grade acetic cure silicone sealant. It offers excellent adhesion, UV resistance and elasticity. AS-628 does not crack or discolor when exposed to harsh...

For all your sealing and caulking works. Ranging from acrylic bases, to silicone and neutral bases. Even fire-rated sealants are available.

UBZ carries Clean Room Sealant, which is a thermosetting, neutral cure, odourless silicone that does not contain solvent or isocyanates. It also adheres to a wide range of both porous and non-porous surfaces. 

This sealant is used for biomedical, electronics, and aerospace clean rooms where air contamination and contaminants from normal working surfaces cannot be tolerated. It can also be used in schools, food processing plants, hospitals, offices, and public buildings. UBZ System also provides a wide range of other sealants, such as fire-rated sealants, acrylic and silicone base sealants.

Advantages of Using Sealant

There are many advantages of using sealants, below we are mentioning some:

  • It is mould resistant for up to 10 years
  • It is also bacteria resistant for up to 10 years
  • It is solvent free
  • It comes with high adhesion
  • Paintable within 24 hours
  • No special tools or mixing required due to gun grade characteristic

Usage of Clean Room Sealant

There are many areas where you can use clean room sealant:

  • You can use it in refrigeration units or food preparation areas.
  • Sterile areas that include medical-grade facilities and laboratories
  • It can be used in hospital, pharmaceutical, and laboratory clean room environments. 
  • Used for parapet and roofing applications. 
  • For sanitary applications. 
  • Helps  in the assembly of preformed panels by weather sealing and joint sealing.

If you want to explore more products, you can visit our UBZ System website, where you can find an extensive range!

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