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UBZ range of copper tubing or copper piping which is ideal for carrying water supplies and transferring heat in HVAC systems as copper is a flexible, conductive material with little corrosion. Copper piping is...
Singa Plastics (Unica)
uPVC pipes manufactured by Singa Plastics come in many different types, all of which offer high durability and quality, suited for use in multiple applications.
Made using uPVC, these pipe fittings come in many different sizes to be used together with uPVC pipes to form a piping system for many different applications. For further information, do contact our service staff for...
Singa Plastics (Unica)
SS213 Soil, Waste and Vent (SWV) uPVC Pipes are commonly used as Sanitary stack. They are largely utilised in HDB projects, private condominiums, industrial & commercial buildings.  These pipes are also suitable...
Singa Plastics (Unica)
SS141 uPVC Pipes are designed according to the requirements laid out in the Singapore Standards No. 141, that oversees the use and specifications of the pipes in cold water services with temperatures up to 25°C, that...
Singa Plastics (Unica)
AEO pipes, a.k.a. Rainwater Down (RWD) pipes, are generally used for less critical and non-pressure applications. AEO pipes are commonly used as fluid drainage line, fume exhaust system, and air-conditioning discharge...

UBZ System carries many Copper and uPVC products such as pipes and fittings, that can be used in a wide array of applications.

UBZ System provides a wide range of copper and PVC pipes with fittings that can be used in wide areas of applications. You will find an extensive range of copper and PVC pipes, with an assortment of fittings to suit any configuration.  So you can find the right product as per your requirement!

Specification of Copper Products

Copper Tube is known for its as seamless construction, malleability and versatility for its wide range of uses. They are made using pure copper, and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ASTM B280 or JIS H3300 standards. 

Types of Copper Tube Products

UBZ System carries  four different types of copper tubes:

  • ACR (Air-conditioning and Refrigeration)
  • Type K
  • Type L
  • Type M

The copper pipes and fittings carried by UBZ System is mostly ACR, which serves as air-conditioning and refrigeration lines, each with varying ranges of diameters and thickness.

In addition, we also carry Type K, L & M copper tubes. These variations are unique for each having a fixed wall thickness, regardless of the size of pipe required. Type K is the thickest, while Type M is the thinnest. Available only if a minimum order quantity (MOQ) is fulfilled.

Specification of PVC Pipe and Fitting Products

PVC material serves as a good replacement for metal when used for plumbing applications for a few reasons, such as its strength, durability, lightweight characteristics, chemically-resistant properties, and its more affordable pricing. These characteristics helped PVC pipes and fittings to be used widely in many projects for many field applications, including drain piping for air-conditioners and plumbing and sewage systems in buildings worldwide. 

Types of PVC Pipe and Fitting Products

You will find a wide range of PVC pipe and fitting products:

  • Rehau Pipes & Fittings
    • Rehau RAUTITAN PEX (Fresh Water Supply) (Pressfit-type)
    • Rehau RAUFUSION PPR (Fresh Water Supply)
    • Rehau RAUPIANO PLUS (Wastewater Drainage)
  • Singa Plastics (Uniplas) uPVC Pipes
    • Type AEO, AE and AW
    • SS141
    • SS213
    • SS272
    • JIS K6741 (Japanese Standard)
  • STAR uPVC Pipe Fittings

To know more about the Copper and PVC Pipe fittings products, visit our UBZ System website!

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