Rockwool ThermalRock


ROCKWOOL ThermalRock S is non-combustible with a melting point of approximately 1000°C. They are particularly suitable for thermal insulation, fire protection, and sound reduction/absorption.

ROCKWOOL ThermalRock S is inorganic and contains no nutritious substance. Therefore it will not be attacked by microorganisms. Stone wool will not rot and does not attract vermin. Suitable for general application in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

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Thickness (mm):  25/50/75/100
Length, Width (mm):  1200 x 600
Density (kg/m³): Complete Range
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK): 0.034 [ATSM C518]
Fire Performance: Non-Combustible/ A1 Fire Classification [EN 13501-1]
Water Vapour Absorption: < 0.04 Vol % [ATSM C1104/C1104M]
Water Absorption:   < 0.5kg/m² [EN 1609.97]

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