UBZ range of copper tubing or copper piping which is ideal for carrying water supplies and transferring heat in HVAC systems as copper is a flexible, conductive material with little corrosion. Copper piping is...
STAR Trunking offers a wide range of uPVC Trunking that comply strictly to the guidelines set in Singapore Standard SS 275 :1999. STAR’s latest design on the base and 'snap on' lids provide a stronger grip, easy...
1st Seal Gasket Tape (1st Seal GT) is used for sealing joints of aluminum foil-faced duct boards, sheet metal ducts, and FSK-faced insulation systems. 1st Seal GT has been designed to meet a wide range of conditions...

For many years, proper installation of airflow and air-conditioning systems in buildings helped ensure a steady supply of fresh air and comfort to all, while directing stale and toxic gases away from workplaces and people. Maintaining and installing ventilation and air-conditioning systems requires the best materials to ensure long-term longevity and efficiency.

UBZ System specializes in, and carries a wide variety of important components of the HVAC systems, ranging from insulation materials, to flexible air ducts and copper pipes.

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