Errecom Cool-Shot Ultra (Performance Enhancer for AC/R Systems)


The Cool-Shot Ultra is an innovative refrigerant additive from Errecom, that is used to restore and maintain the original efficiency of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, including those of vehicles.

It does so by eliminating oil fouling (a chemical phenomenon that leads to accumulation of oil on the walls of refrigeration lines) and restores heat exchange, thus reducing both energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. 

Cool-Shot Ultra is compatible with all refrigeration lubricants and refrigerants (e.g. such as R134a, R1234yf, CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, R410a, R32) except ammonia (R717)

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AC/R systems: 1 cartridge (6ml) for systems up to 21kW or 700ml of compressor lubricant

Automotive: 1 cartridge (6ml) for every vehicle


Restores and maintains the original efficiency of AC/R systems

Removes oil fouling

Restores heat exchange in refrigeration lines

Increases the efficiency of compressor lubricant without causing chemical changes

Extends compressor life and reduces noise

Reduces the maintenance costs for AC/R systems

Reduces AC/R system energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Permanent action over time

Safe for all air-conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC/R and automotive)

Compatible with all refrigeration lubricants and refrigerant gasses, except ammonia (R717)

Ideal for preventive maintenance

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