P-300S High Quality Contact Adhesive Glue


P-300S is a special formulated contact adhesive suitable for bonding foam to foam, foam to wood, foam to fabric and other laminated materials.

Due to its excellent adhesion properties, P-300S is ideal to glue together foamed polyurethane in Ventilation and A/C Duct system.

The formula has low toxic content materials and does not contain Formaldehyde and Benzene that is carcinogenic.

P-300S is affordable, fast drying and provides strong bonding strength.

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Appearance : Yellow Viscous Fluid
Viscosity (CPS/25C) : 150 +- 50
Component : Special Elastomer
Open Time : Moderate
Solid Content : 25% +- 1%
Shelf Life Six months from manufactured date
Category Highly flammable
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