1st Firesil FR-5 Intumescent Fire Acrylic Sealant


1st Firesil FR-5 Intumescent Fire Acrylic Sealant is specially formulated to prevent the spread of fires through gaps in the aircon or kitchen ducting systems, wall partitions, electrical cabling works and fire-rated construction joints. 

Product complies with BS 476 Part 20.

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Maximum 4hrs of fire-resistance
Excellent adhesion to most building materials
Applicable on horizontal and vertical joints up to 25mm wide
Joint movement up to 13%
No slumping of material
Fast cure & tack-free in 60 minutes, paintable

Aircon and kitchen ducting
Electrical cabling and piping works
Concrete and brickworks
Sealing of joints in fire retardant related construction projects, where a fire-resistant seal is required

Shelf Life:
Product is to be stored at temperatures between 5 - 35°C, at a dry storage area.
Unopened products last for 12 months.

Technical Data:




Acrylic Emulsion

Movement Accommodation

+/- 15%

Skinning Time

15 to 20 minutes

Specific Gravity

1.60 to 1.66

Shore A Hardness Scale

25 - 30

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