Sky Cool 431 Aluminium Foil Insulation


This aluminium foil insulation is made up using 5 layers of medium-duty, double-sided laminated materials, with fire retardant, heat and vapour barrier properties. 

Sky Cool Insulation can be applied onto rockwool/glasswool insulation as a protective covering, ceiling boards, plain slabs, aircon ducting, pipe sections and to be used as wall insulations. 

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  • Vapour Barrier for HVAC Duct Insulation, Marine Infrastructure, Building Insulation, Walls and Roofing Insulation, Oil & Gas facilities Insulation

  • Thermal insulation in buildings, walls, roofs

Fire Safety

  • Classified as Class O surface under British Standard 476 p6 & 7

  • Acquired Fire Hazard Safety Requirement from TUV PSB Singapore

Technical Specifications

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