CSR Thermofoil Aluminum Foil Vapour Barrier


CSR Thermofoil Aluminum Foil Vapour Barrier

Thermofoil Light Duty 731 foil is a lightweight vapor barrier consisting of two layers of aluminum foil laminated to a central core of kraft paper with flame retardant adhesives and reinforced with fiberglass reinforcing yarn in between the two aluminum layers of tri-directional pattern.

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CSR Thermofoil is excellent as laminate for glass wool and stone wool for air conditioning ductwork. Thermofoil prevents the penetration of moisture laden air, guarding against condensation, rot and mildew. It is also used as a lightweight radiant barrier, to reflect off thermal radiation from the air-conditioning ducts. The 20mm airspace provided by the aluminum foil barrier also enables thermal insulation properties, which aids in maintaining a constant temperature within the air-conditioning system. These physical properties contribute to lowered energy consumption to maintain the aircon at a constant temperature.


CSR Thermofoil should not come in contact with wet concrete or other alkaline-based products, and should be stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight before use.

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