Rehau Raupiano PP Pipe and Fitting ( Rehau PP Pipe and Fitting )


RAUPIANO PLUS means No Compromise – the polypropylene-based wastewater system for all applications, in private homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, office blocks or commercial kitchens. The multi-layer pipe’s structure leads to the increased pipe rigidity and enhanced sound insulation performance. In addition, the abrasion-resistant and low-friction inner layer and the impact-resistant outer layer provide optimum properties that makes RAUPIANO PLUS your ideal system for modern wastewater application.

The extensive range of pipes, fittings and accessories in sizes DN 40 to DN 200 is thoroughly system tested. Economical fire protection solutions and top sound insulation ensure 100% planning safety.

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Reasons to use RAUPIANO Plus

  • Ideal alternative to cast iron system 30%
  • better sound insulation than cast iron system
  • Highly economical
  • Lightweight pipe
  • One system for above- and underground installations
  • No deposits, scaling and erosion
  • Robust during transportation and on the construction site
  • Easy push-fit connection requires no special skill, glue or sophisticated tool, which minimize workmanship fault on installation
  • Suitable for wall and floor drainage applications
  • Suitable for chemical and heat resistance applicationsIdeal for installation at tremor-prone areas and high-rise buildings
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