K-Flex ST sheet come with 1 side adhesive and 1 side aluminium cladding


The K-Flex AL CLAD SYSTEM is a complete K-FLEX elastomeric insulation system coupled with a multilayered covering, resistant to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents. Because of its excellent physical properties, K-FLEX AL CLAD SYSTEM is extremely robust and shock-resistant, reduces application time and is easy to maintain. K-FLEX AL CLAD SYSTEM offers a wide range of products and accessories to meet all the installer’s requirements.

Sheets are composed of the AL CLAD coating system coupled with K-FLEX® ST insulation. Available in standard or self-seal, they are designed for use with conduits, ventilation ducts and large pipes. Their flexibility and ease of processing make this material especially suitable for awkward configurations and trims

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Nitrile Butadine Rubber
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