UBZ and Source 1 Copper (Pipes, Coils and Fittings)


Copper has been used as a plumbing material for centuries. But why is it one of the widely used piping options worldwide? Copper Pipe is easy to shape, resilient, and non-toxic. They can easily handle high temperatures and are UV resistant, recyclable, and efficient when used in systems like heat exchangers.

With these advantages, copper serves to be the best option. No matter what plumbing or pipework challenges you face, UBZ System is the place where you can find the finest quality copper pipes, coils and fittings for use in HVAC and plumbing applications, at the best price.

For detailed information and specifications, kindly contact our helpful service staff via our hotline or email.

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Usage and Advantages of Copper Pipe & Fitting

There are mainly two areas where you can use these pipes or fittings:

1. These pipe fittings are used in an extensive range of applications, commonly in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. It is used for cold and hot water pipes to circulate heating and so on.

2. Due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it is commonly used for air-conditioning pipe works. The fittings have construction and design accuracy that allows for more efficient plumbing works and reduces the cost of fittings.

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Product Details

Data sheet

1/4" to 2 5/8" (for standard pipes), 1/4" to 7/8" (for copper coils)
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