Rubber Wall-Corner Guards / Rubber Corner Bumper Guards


Rubber wall corner guards serve to protect the edges of building structural columns, ensuring the structural integrity of the support structure remains stable and in good condition.

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Material Used: High impact resistant SBR rubber (styrene-butadiene; very dense)

Colour: Black (has the option to come with yellow strip)

Properties: Weather-resistant, Abrasion-resistant, Crack-resistant, non-staining

Sizes available: 75mm x 75mm

Other sizes will be made as per request basis (65mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm)

Standard length of the corner guards is 1 meter (1m)

Rubber corner guards come with galvanised iron (GI) insert clips


Mount the corner guards on the GI insert clips

Bolt the corner guards into the structural columns using screws, or fix them to the walls using an appropriate adhesive 

Widely-used Applications:

The rubber corner guards can be used in carparks, loading bays, warehouses and industrial units, cold stores and marine industries

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