Air-conditioning, refrigeration & chemical solutions

For a company that prides itself in bringing consistent and useful top-quality products for use across diverse demographics, Errecom continues to innovate and research on existing products, and produce better equivalents, if not totally new advanced formulations for use in their air-conditioning, refrigeration and chemical solution business.

Have an air-conditioning system that is working sub-optimally? (i.e. no cool air emitted even though temperature settings are at its lowest) And not wanting to overhaul your entire air-conditioning unit? Fret not! Over here at UBZ System, we carry different chemical refrigerant solutions that may solve your headaches with lesser cost. Be it patching up microscopic leaks in the aircon tubings, or getting rid of clogged oil deposits in your refrigerant tubes, Errecom solutions has got your back. 

Together with Errecom, let us work with you to prevent a hot and humid bad day from happening in our tropical island country!

In time, we may bring in further products, so stay tuned for more cool leaks (get the pun?)

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This simple and convenient tool is useful in stopping refrigerant gas leaks caused by tiny holes in the rubber and metal components that are not easily visible by the human eye (diameter of holes is up to 0.3mm). To...