Official Distributor of Midea Air-Conditioners and Household Appliances

UBZ System is proud to have the opportunity to work with Midea as one of Singapore's official distributors for their diverse range of air-conditioning units, and small household appliances to match the needs of every home. 

Midea prides itself with developing user-friendly products that does not compromise on quality, remains energy-efficient, while ensuring product costs remain affordable. These unique features help align itself with Singapore's Green Plan 2030 to promote sustainable development and eventual net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

As advocates for a greener environment and future, UBZ System is proud to play a part in encouraging & promoting energy-saving products to all our customers.

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Midea’s latest series of air-conditioners integrate the latest technologies, to boast a quick, seamless installation and repair experience that is 5x faster than regular AC units, provides great energy savings, and...