Midea All Easy Pro Air-Conditioner


Midea’s latest series of air-conditioners integrate the latest technologies, to boast a quick, seamless installation and repair experience that is 5x faster than regular AC units, provides great energy savings, and releases cool, fresh air, without compromising on its structural integrity and durability.

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Notable features of the Midea All Easy Pro series of air-conditioners include:

  • Turbo Mode (max air speed to cool room within the shortest time)

  • 3D Airflow swings the deflectors in all angles to provide cool air to every corner

  • PRIMEGUARDTM Golden Fin (Midea’s hydrophobic protective coating that protects the AC unit and motors from corrosion, weathering and mould growth)

  • Double Filtration Technology

  • Special Vitamin C component in 3-in-1 filter helps with moisturizing skin

  • Super Negative Ioniser (constantly produces positive and negative ions to neutralise dust and bacteria, keeping you safe from allergens)

  • Low Noise output at 21db

  • “Follow Me” technology cools surrounding areas wherever you go

  • Sleep Mode adjusts the temperature accordingly when asleep to save energy

Indoor Unit

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