ECOWOOL CLASSIC Glass Mineral Wool Blanket


ECOWOOL Classic Blanket is a glass mineral wool thermal insulation manufactured using more than 80% recycled glass. Recent improvements to manufacturing processes give the glass mineral wool blanket an improved core and better tensile strength, which makes the product more resistant to damage during the installation process. Its flexible and lightweight features help the blanket insulation to conform easily around tight corners and curves. Can be prepared and cut easily using die presses or knives.

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Length: 10m - 20m
Width: 1.2m
Thickness: 25mm to 50mm
Density: 32kg/m3
K-Value: 0.0327 W/mK
R-Value: 0.75 to 1.5 m2K/W

Thermal Insulation for exteriors of HVAC systems or surfaces where temperature control is required

Maximum Service Temperature: 450℃
Low water vapour absorpton
Sustainable Green Product
Exceptional sound-absorbing properties (acoustic insulation)

B.S. 476 Part 4
B.S. 476 Part 6 (Fire Propagation)
B.S. 476 Part 7 (Surface Spread of Flame)
BOMBA Class “0”
ASTM E84-15b (Test for Surface Burning Characteristics)

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