Ecowool Fiberglass blanket & sectional pipe


UBZ System is the Sole Distributor for Ecowool Insulation products from blanket, panel and sectional pipe.

ECOWOOL CLASSIC is a highly resilient blanket or sectional pipe type thermal and acoustical glass mineral wool made from more than 80% of recycled glass. It is designed to meet specific requirement in the HVAC equipment industry especially for the internal or external pipe, duct lining and other OEM applications. The glass mineral wool insulation also enhances indoor by absorbing noise within sheet metal ducts and contributes to thermal comfort by reducing heat loss or gain through duct walls.  Effective medium and high frequency sound absorption can be achieved by using 25mm thick insulation.

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The latest innovation from PGF Insulation provides a unique high-performance profile which combines safety, quality and performance. The unique ECOWOOL is a high performance glass mineral wool insulation that consists of much smaller fibre diameter compared to other man-made vitreous fibre insulation material. This means they are more efficient and effective in its thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

Due to the fine fibres, it enables them to demonstrate high insulation performance. These fibres are more uniform resulting in fibres which are of the same diameter evenly distributed throughout the fibre network.

Our advanced fibre forming equipment and technology produces ECOWOOL insulation with much smaller fibre diameter, without slag balls and uniformly distributed fibres.

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