1st Neutral Sealant N-100


1st Neutral N-100 is a universal, superior one-component, neutral system silicone sealant that cures to form a high-performance elastic silicone rubber seal. Highly recommended for sensitive surfaces or coatings. It offers easy application, permanent colour and durability after curing, UV-Resistance, no odour, and stainlessness to aluminium and most metals.

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Store unopened packages for up to 6 months in a cool, dry storage place between +5°C to +25°C.


Substrate : All usual building surfaces
State of Surface : Clean, dry and grease-free


Minimum Width : 5mm
Maximum Width : 30mm
Minimum Depth : 5mm
Recommendation : 2 x depth = width


Application Method : Applicator gun
Application Temperature : +1°C ~ +50°C
Repair With : 1st Neutral N-100


Base : Polysiloxane
Consistency : Stable Paste
Curing System : Moisture Cure
Skinning Time : ca 10 minutes (20°C/65% R.H)
Curing Time : 1.5mm/24hrs (20°C/65% R.H)
Hardness  : 25+- 5 Shore A
Shrinking : None
Specific gravity : 1.03 - 1.36
Temperature Resistance : -50°C until + 150°C
Elastic Recovery : >80%
Elongation at Break : 800%
Elasticity Modulus : 100%: 0.40 N/mm sq
Maximum deformation : 25%
Maximum tension : 1.50 N/mm sq
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