1st Tape Aluminum Foil Tape


1st Tape's Aluminum Foil Tape is a versatile adhesive tape with uses across diverse industries, primarily used for applications which require sealing, accompanied by some insulative benefits. Additional advantages include its ability to serve as a vapour or radiant barrier (prevents moisture accumulation, and radiates off heat and light)

1st Tape Aluminum Foil Tape is made using good-quality, high tensile strength aluminum foil; bonded to a strong acrylic-based adhesive that is set on a quick-release silicone paper liner to preserve the quality of the adhesive, and provide an easy-to-use experience for all end-users.

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Flame, moisture and vapour-resistant

Enhanced durability against UV-degradation, weathering effects

Good thermal conductivity (aids with cooling efficiency)

Good chemical-resistance

Reflective surface helps with directing away radiation

Stable adhesion at low and high temperatures

Able to adhere to smooth and irregular surfaces


Technical Specifications

Available Sizes: 2", 2-1/2", 3"

Thickness: 30 & 40 microns

Length: 50 yards (45.7m)

Tensile Strength: 60 to 80 N/25mm (ASTM D 882)

Elongation: 7% maximum

Temperature Range: -30 to +100°C



HVAC: Sealing of ductwork, installation of insulation materials, additional protective layer on insulation

Automotive: Temporary repair of minor cracks and holes in the vehicle

Joining metallic and plastic joints and seams

General household repairs

Arts and Craft

DIY projects requiring reflective surfaces

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Product Details

Data sheet

Aluminium (Foil Layer)
45m (length), 2 inch, 2.5 inch & 3 inch (width), 30 microns (thickness)
Metallic Silver
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