1st Seal Foam Tape (13mm to 50mm Width Available)


The 1st Seal Foam Tape is a versatile adhesive that was produced to address sealing issues in HVAC systems. It helps with improving the overall performance and reliability of HVAC systems, by sealing up small gaps and joints between air ducts and foam insulation, while providing small amounts of insulation. The simplicity and effectiveness offered by the foam tape has helped increase its awareness and uptake amongst many contractors and technicians in the industry.

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It is made using highly durable closed-cell nitrile rubber (NBR), which provides good resistance to most oil bases and mild chemical environments.
A layer of strong adhesive that is directly-coated onto the rubber foam surface prevents the separation of adhesive and foam layers, unlike conventional foam tapes which are made with double-sided tape or tissue adhesives. This helps to ensure proper sealing.



Strong Adhesive for better holding strength and durability

Conforms to BS 476 parts 6 & 7 Fire Safety Standards

Easy to install



Available Sizes

3mm thickness x 50mm width x 30ft length

*for other width measurements, MOQ is required, lead time approximately 1-2 weeks



For HVAC Systems: Air ducting systems, Insulation material, Vibration damping & Noise reduction, Creation of Gaskets

Ducting Flanges & Accessories

Electrical Switch Boards & Devices

Glass Installation works

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