STAR AIR 3-in-1 Portable Aircon & Dehumidifier


STAR AIR 3-in-1 Portable Aircon & Dehumidifier features an LCD Display Screen with touch features, and a wide-angled remote control for ease of use.


Product Code: STB-12C


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- Designed by a Singaporean with the intention to cool your living environment easily

- Easy to install with PATENTED ducting system

- Features simple to use functions that help with quality of life, including:
a) self-evaporative system to help save energy
b) a 3min restart-delay function to regulate dropping room temperatures
c) 24/7 On/Off Low Noise Technology to reduce noise levels and improve sleep quality
d) 3-speed coolers and heater to bring your room to desired temperature

- Comes with Wide Angle Electronic IR remote control and LCD Display Panel

- Enhanced mobility with fitted castor wheels

- Uses environmentally-friendly R410a refrigerant

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