Mitsubishi Electric Starmex R32 Multi-Split Air-Conditioners


Mitsubishi Electric's newest range of Starmex air-conditioning series utilizes low Global Warming Potential (GWP) R32 refrigerant, designed to cool spaces whilst providing a versatile, yet affordable solution. Combining the latest technologies and industry leading energy-saving features, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners offer optimum performance with noise suppression to provide a comfortable space wherever they are installed. Employing high efficiency filters (PM2.5) and Dual Barrier Coating technology, you can be assured with cleaner and healthier air.

*Capacity is based on rated condition Indoor: 27°C DB/19°C WB; Outdoor: 35°CDB

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For more detailed information on the specifications of the air-conditioner units, please refer to the product catalogue that can found at the bottom of the page.





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