Source 1 Pre Insulated Ducting System


Source 1 Pre Insuated Ducting is the PERFECT alternative for HVAC & ACMV ducting such as fresh air, supply, return and exhuast ducting system. It is energy saving and environment-friendly. It is a sandwich panels made of an insulating component in rigid polyisocyanurate foam and laminated on both sides with centesimal aluminum foil. Compared with traditional galvanized Iron (steel metal) ductwork, Pre Insulated Duct Panel can offers a  high performance, light weight and robust ductwork system that requires only a single fix installation process.

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It is widely used in  hospital, hotel, office, market, supermarket, guesthouse, airport, stadium, workshop, food store, pure project and school. only a single fix installation process.

Our Source 1 PID have Green Mark, Class 0, Toxic Test and COC certified.

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